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Львів. Місто, що надихає

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Письменник Николишин Юрій
Підрубрика Фотокниги
Видавництво Апріорі
Кількість сторінок 136
Палітурка тверда
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Lviv is a city you cannot run or escape from. Each and every time you come back, you once again experience the most sweet bliss and the remorse of a prodigal. If you wish to be ecstatically happy, as one poet writes, come back to Lviv by all means, as - whatever you may feel, say or do - away from Lviv you will have a deep and ongoing feeling of an aching void and forsakennes in this world, even if Lviv is not your native city. This is because anyone can appreciate the particular non-physical inner warmth radiated by the seemingly cold stone walls and cobblestones. Anyone can experience how this city is always striving to make a man stronger, awakening in him all the best offered to him by God.

ISBN 9786176293453
Вага 665
Рік 2016
Артикул 550226

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