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Ukraїner. Ukrainian Insider

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Видавництво Видавництво Старого Лева
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«Ukraïner. Ukrainian Insider» — is the print edition of the ambitious digital media project Ukraïner (ukrainer.net) based on our 2016–2018 expedition throughout all the historic regions of Ukraine: from Sloboda Ukraine in the east to Podillia in the southwest, and Volyn in the northwest to Tavriia in the south. In this book we feature the most striking and memorable moments of our exploration as we intend to share with the world many unique places within Ukraine and the stories of the remarkable Ukrainians who live there. Evocative photography both showcases these stories and reveal Ukraine as authentic, surprising, and exciting country. Bogdan Logvinenko is the initiator of the project.

ISBN 9786176797319
Вага 1 180
Рік 2019
Артикул 565338

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