White Fang

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104 грн
Артикул 546862
Автор Лондон Джек
Видавництво Знання
Серія English Library
Кількість сторінок 238
Палітурка тверда матова
Підрубрика Світова класика, Підліткові
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"White Fang" is a novel of the distinguished American writer Jack London (1876-1916) which belongs to the Northern cycle of his works. It is a story of the wolf, White Fang by name, in whose veins there runs the dog's blood. This circumstance makes his life impossible outside human society. In spite of the ferocity, meanness and treachery of the man, White Fang always remains faithful to him. The inner life of the animal, the motivation of his actions are described so pathetically as to move the readers to tears.

ISBN 978-617-07-0240-1
Рік 2015
Мова Англійська

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